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Reavsey Top 15 Albums

Very very could have made it a top 20 mate at least ;o)..Great idea though...

Concentrating on albums that influenced me as opposed to what I liked the best...

In no particular order...

1 Never mind the Bollocks - Sex Pistols

Life changing. You had to be there drowned in wall to wall Rod Steward and Genesis
this was what I had been waiting for all my life.

2 Kimono My House - Sparks

While my mates listened to Genesis and Led Zep I listenened to this subversive
little masterpiece. Opened my mind and ears to something really different.

3 Human Menagerie - Cockney Rebel

My mate said you must hear this band they sound just like Bowie. Once I saw the
cover I had had to have it immediately. Again a strange quirky album that took my mind to even stranger places. Saw them many times...

4 The Clash - The Clash

I could have written these songs (Figuratively speaking) The lyrics I was writing
and my "bravado" at the time were along these lines but I was never sure how to articulate them and this band was what I was waiting for. They epitomised everything
I felt and the sound I wanted to hear. They inspired me to write and play more than any other band. They showed that you didnt need to know 1000 chords to be able to write a fact 3 chords were
more than adequate. Again you really needed to be there to appreciate what a breath of fresh air this album was.

5 Electric Warrior - Trex

Always loved Trex. This album marked the transition from acoustic to the more familiar electric sound associated with Trex. The production blew me away via Mr Visconti. Headphones on lights out...maybe a candle or two and some weed...the backing vocals soared and split between the left and right hand side of the headphones. This sort of panning technique was mind
blowing at the may have had to have been there LOL. Great fantastically crafted songs just a very special album on
many levels.

6 Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie

Blew me away ...changed my life. At this time there was nothing like it every song strong enough to be a single. Swathed in the mystical world of The Spiders got right inside my tiny teenage mind.

7 Berlin - Lou Reed

I didnt realise songs could be written about this sort of thing it opened my eyes and influenced my own writing. So very very dark and cold.., The songs very epic and stark very catchy also...time for the lights and headphones etc on many many occasions. Filed my impressionable young mind with dark thoughts.

8 Transformer - Lou Reed

Brilliant songs..I though the wild side must be like this...New York City here I come. Bowies hand was all over this album. Lou really did mean it man.

9 Killer - Alice Cooper

Dark and eerie again with some great hard rocking numbers. From the dramatic haloof flies to dead babies...Cooper was very underrated IMO in respect of influencing Punk.

10 The Ramones - The Ramones

Fantastic wall of sound..I swear I wore my first copy out..I kept playing it over
and over as I couldnt believe what I was hearing. It sounds so tame now but back then there was nothing to touch its raw power.

11 Hat Full Of Hollow - The Smiths

simply because it had more tracks on than the first album. My fave is actually
The Queen is dead but I think this may have had more influence on me.

12 Bona Drag - Mozza

Mozza's best although a sort of compilation still a great assortment of songs that
were a big influence on me. Best real mozza album for me is prob "Arsenal"

13 Seperation Sunday - The Hold Steady

Renewed my faith ion songwriting again. Finn is probably one of the best if not
the best lyric writter ever. Great epic songs with stories.

14 Rattlesnakes - Lloyd Cole and the Commotions

Helped me through the 80's such a great album great songwriter...lovely pop tunes
with intelect

15 The Velvet Underground feraturing Nico

Heard this in school. We had a subject called broadcasting arts and teachers had
brought albums in so we could practice making radio shows. This was amongst them...the original verve went straight inside my jacket and came home with me LOL. Scratched to buggery but just brilliant. When I hear those songs now I still subconsciously hear them with scratches ;o)..I still have it somewhere!

15 and a half...

Because if you cheat I can to LOL

Suede - Suede

Made council estates and "Peckham Life" glamorous LOL...sadly they only had the
one album in them for me....Animal Nitrate and Metal Micky along with Drowners were very influential on a particular phase or writing I did aroud the early 1990's sparked my enthusiasm again.

That was very hard..sorry The Only Ones ...Mott The Hoople, The Psychadelic Furs,The New York Dolls,Iggy. Roxy etc....

I think in retrospect, I may have spent to much time in my room with headphones on in the dark smoking weed maybe? .....It does explain a lot though.
What no Hunky Dory!
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Nigel Leitch at 14:22 on 14 March
you can't tag me. ive already done it :D

i so wanted to put Bowie in mine and Wreckless Eric, buggering stupid 15

Nigel Leitch at 14:22 on 14 March
oh shit i forgot Suicide - Suicide - the greatest album ever :(
Nigel Leitch at 14:23 on 14 March
who are Trex?
they some new abnd :D
Nigel Leitch at 14:23 on 14 March
Reavsey Reavey at 14:29 on 14 March
T Rex..Marc Bolan...thanks for the Pistols in Trondheim BTW ;o)
Nigel Leitch at 14:33 on 14 March
no probs
I know it was T-Rex ;d
i love teh pistols
Reavsey Reavey at 14:36 on 14 March
I dont get all this tagging business LOL so I have probably sent it to all the others who have just been added LOL....what am I like..Yes pistols were seminal...thats seminal not semenable of course...although I did have a bit of a crush on syd... ;o)
Reavsey Reavey at 14:37 on 14 March
Its to hard just naming 15 anyway...torture..sheer mental torture..I could be cracking LOL
Nigel Leitch at 14:37 on 14 March
I have a crush on Johnny
Yeah Andy is to blame he sent it to me
15 is neither here nor there
Ten is ok
20 is ok
30 is ok
but 15, I mean what were you thinking ANDY!
Nigel Leitch at 14:39 on 14 March
I've cracked already and Andy is to blame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reavsey Reavey at 14:41 on 14 March
Make him name his 5 all time singles..that'll teach him ;o)
Nigel Leitch at 14:42 on 14 March
no he will name 3
and we will call them the Myspace 3!
Reavsey Reavey at 14:43 on 14 March
Steady..he may never recover
Nigel Leitch at 14:44 on 14 March
Ah but that is his punishment
Andy Fraser at 23:12 on 14 March
You guys just kill me. A few common albums there, Reavsey (kimono,menagerie,bollocks)
I dumped Ziggy for Diamond Dogs, E.Warrior for Tanx and The Clash for London Calling.....or there could've been more.
We could've met on queen is dead too....and I did consider LloydCole
Andy Fraser at 23:13 on 14 March top 5 singles...difficult....but obviously The Wombles would be in there.
Andy Fraser at 23:14 on 14 March
Pizt should make The Human Menagerie his next challenge :)
Reavsey Reavey at 23:37 on 14 March
LOL yes you may have to have been there to appreciate it of course although I was surprised at his "Catholic" taste LOL..Yes we did meet on a few and probably if we had a top 30 there would be more...You are one of the few people I am still in touch with who shares my taste in that makes about 5 of us worldwide then ;o)
Rio Fraser at 00:11 on 15 March
I am working on it. "These things take time"
Rio Fraser at 02:05 on 15 March
Andy: you and Reavsey sound as if you are trading stock on wall Street :)
Reavsey Reavey at 14:50 on 15 March
LOL Yes I was the same in my first list I put London Calling in but subsequently changed about 5 options from the original after I lost the first lot due to technical difficulties...i.e Facebook screwing them up and losing them!..Its a very hard one...can we have a top 40 please!
Andy Fraser at 18:16 on 15 March
We'll come up with something ;)
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