Monday, 16 March 2009

Steve Piper Top 15

1. Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols- Sex Pistols
After hearing this album, I started playing In bands. I had no Intention of doing so previous to that.Just simply the most Important piece of musical history that I have ever witnessed, totally changed my direction In life.
2.Real Life - Magazine
Wonderfully weird album (at the time) Definitive Gaze Is a terrific tune.
3.Low - David Bowie
Loved his stuff around this period.
4. Live And Direct - Aswad
Fantastic Live Reggae album recorded at the Notting Hill Carnival
5. Sandinista - The Clash
36 track work of Genius.
6. Another Music In A Different Kitchen - Buzzcocks
Adreniline fueled burst of pure energy.
7. The Scream - Siouxsie & The Banshees
Dark and sinister journey through a glorious Non Rock n' Roll hell.
8. London Calling - The Clash
Iconic article, a forboding or War, the Clash were an Unbelievable Band that I had the good fortune to see many times, Joe Strummer you are so badly missed.
9. Machine Gun Etiquette - The Damned
I Love this album, just a completely wild and vibrant piece of art, delivered at a rapid pace.
The Damned always have that element of fun about them.
10. Sgt. Pepper's lonely heart's club band - The Beatles
How can anybody not like the Beatles? I think they define the art of songwriting genius, a fantastic memory of my childhood, an open door Into a new world.
11. What Does Anything Mean? Basically - The Chameleons
Excellent band, sincere, heart, passion, and all that old Bollocks, love them.
12. Stone Roses - Stone Roses
What a relief after all that Shite through the 80's
13. Definitely Maybe - Oasis
What a relief after all that Shite through the 80's 2 (The Sequel)
14. X & Y - Coldplay
Strangely, my favourite Coldplay LP, not the predeictable "Parachutes"
Speed of Sound! The Bollocks!
15. Germ Free Adolescents - X-Ray Spex
Poly Styrene (Trained Opera Singer) Bawling her head off at full tilt,like some kind of demented form of Lulu, at the same time, describing a distorted consumer art hellish world of marketing exploitation bullshit, Invented being green before It was Invented! All this backed up by a tight & energetic band.
Totally original, played the album til I could see though It!

These Lp's, barring the Pistols, could be In any order, changing with my mood, I've probably got a top 150 but could never be Arsed with the typing

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Andy Fraser at 00:09 on 14 March
Great stuff there, Steve. I'll try to do mine later...15 is a lot though.
Andy Fraser at 01:18 on 14 March
Done it anyway :)
Nobby Snide at 08:40 on 14 March
I thought 15 was a lot til I tried to list them on another forum...15 wasnt enough!
Rio Fraser at 00:01 on 15 March
I had to buy a Pukka pad to write mine out...15 albums is a tragedy, yet writing 25 things about myself was torture. I guess once you add the music it changes everything!
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