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Rio Fraser. Top 15

**excluding the first these are in no particular order. this list could easily be longer. I tried to keep this to levels of significance not exactly favourites though most are. Key word is MOST
I could not live without music though there is certainly music I can live without.
Here we go:

1. The Rise And Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars.
David Bowie
Dating myself dramatically by saying so, This is the very first album I ever owned [okay, so it was an 8 track. Must that be pointed out?]
Though admittedly at the time I certainly never appreciated the full beauty of this gem It is fair to say this remains to date one of my favourites, if not my favourite album of all time and that is one hell of a difficult thing to conclude.

2. End of The Century- The Ramones

Not a common favourite amongst Ramones fans. To be hip and sauve I reckon I should have came out with "Rocket to Russia." However, The Ramones have always been a big part of my life as well as music itself. This album reaches a status that difers from any of the earlier Ramones albums and truly defines their rock and roll roots [more than likely the Spector effect]
This album alone is what introduced me to Trex and many great 60's and 70's rock and roll acts. I should mention it fair that the T-rex influence comes from "Rock and Roll Radio" and at Joey's mention became a love affair that continues to this

3.The Cure - The Head On The Door
these are not in order...are these in order? No. I think I already said that. This cassette actualy got me a physiatric consultation fresh with a visit to the head masters office and a phone in to the parents [that of course was useless, but details are not important]
with songs like "screw" "six Different Ways" "Let's Go To Bed" "close To Me" this was not only consodered contraband and unacceptable, but allegations concerning possible sexual abuse were at hand. Oh how times have changed, eh? Not a very fond memory, but still a great album

4.Rio - Duran Duran I suppose this one is obvious. It may be under the same lines as being named Claudine, Roxanne, or if your parents really did not like you, Lucinda [not really, but I had to find a way to get "oh Lucinda" in here as it is favourite song, but unfortunately the album it is from does not qualify in this subject matter- though still there] moving on...this album has haunted me throughout my life mainly from the title track alone. If I had a pound or even a dollar for every time this song has been sang to me I could retire to a remote island full of poppies and tropical fruit as well as own a yacht for the sole purpose of beating out Simon Le Bon in a boat race without near drowning to torment him in the same way I have had to suffer from holding back the urge to slap anyone who sings this bloody song every time I mention my name as it has nothing at all to do with this damn album/song. Why can't they just sing "Virginia Plain" instead? Still nothing to do with Roxy Music -but a better song indeed. This album may be hazardus, but The Chauffer is still kind of classy

5. New Boots and Panties-
Ian Dury and The Blockheads I think perhaps this album should rank higher given my absolute adoration for Ian Dury. Though I am a random kind of gal.
There will never be an album written and orchestrated to the poetic beauty and feel good humour that this one gives off. Backed by the most outstanding of backing bands possible this album has affected me in so many ways i would be here all morning just listing them. As quoted in a note from whom I was tagged "every track a winner"

6. Unplugged-Alice In Chains album/DVD release The last official release and recorded performance of a very special dear and departed friend. Though To this day I still own it, I find it very difficult to listen to and/or view

.Love and Rockets-Love And Rockets The release of this album literally made me cry. Before this traumatic event it was only common to stand in front of the record shoppe for hours waiting for them to open on the day they were released to have the much anticipated first listen. This album changed that and not in a good way. Being a long time Bauhaus and all bands that adhere fan-Love and Rockets at the time were a huge love of mine. From their first three releases how could they possibly let me down? This album is the worst piece of crap I almost hate to admit I ever owned it. I believe there may be one or two of you that were with me to witness the horror of the day I put this on and was simply speechless. So alive? Motorcycle? Why oh why?! [actually, I think it is only one of you, but you will be tagged] Nice album art though.

.Black Celebration-Depeche Mode
this one is kind of personal. However, it had a massive impact on my life. One I choose not to make public on the internet. Had those involved still been alive, perhaps I may go into detail if they would let me. I seriously doubt they would have.

. The Velvet Underground and Nico-The Velvet Underground I believe an explanation would be redundant. Listen to the album and figure it out.

.The Velvet Underground- Live at Max's Kansas City-The Velvet Underground Perhaps not the most brilliant album for sound. However, being fortunate enough to have attended this show itself makes the album a significant gem

.Loserville-Unlucky Fried Kitten This may come off as bias to some and argue enough i may agree. However, had i not heard some of the songs on this album then never would I have realised the writng genius [amongst other gifts] that come natural to the frontman, Andy Export aka Andy Fraser aka, my husband. Had I not heard this album would we ever have spoke in depth as we did and would we now be married and would I etc...I find it safe to say this is a very significant album in my life-even though the first song I actually heard was Suzie Pendulum-Swing, not from this album. However, everyone else is breaking the rules, why can't i?

.Muswell Hilllbillies-The Kinks Though several Kinks albums may make this list, an album just isn't an album without "Alcohol" [or its' "Sister Morphine" however we have already covered this topic and I am afraid I can find no albm by The Rolling Stones to fit this bill]

.Louder Than Bombs-The Smiths I do not feel there is a track on this album that at one point in my life I could not relate to. An endless classic and to this date the only thing I could tolerate with that much orange.

. London Calling - The Clash simply put this album blew my mind. The easiest thing for me to do would be to copy and paste all the others who have put this in their list, but I am knackered

Something/anything-Marc Almond Well...I just love Marc Almond. That was easy

it seems cheating has become acceptable behaviour for this list. so my last will be Special mention and honours going to The only Ones-Even serpents Shine, The damned-The Light at the end of the tunnel [so what if it is a best of/singles collection], and The Jam-All Mod Cons

Thank You, and Good nite

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Reavsey Reavey at 14:14 on 15 March
Nice one...Max's was a nice touch as actually I probably played that more than any other album at one time...I will almost forgive you Duran Duran due to mitigating circumstances ;o)
Andy Fraser at 18:02 on 15 March
Some interesting observations there. I would've thought The Legendary Pink Dots might creep in. X
Nigel Leitch at 05:35 on 16 March
Love And Rockets ooh yeah

seen Duran Duran live - just thought I'd throw that in :D
Andy Fraser at 11:52 on 16 March
Supported Duran Duran at Macclesfield Labour Hall. They didn't play Rio ;)
Andy Fraser at 11:54 on 16 March
Love and Rockets....quite like the album you picked...but agree that it is like a sell-out compared to Earth, Sun, Moon or Express
Rio Fraser at 12:00 on 16 March
oops. By all rights The Legendary Pink Dots should have been in there as well as about 43 others but definitely them. Perhaps I will have a part deux, or use the ol' handy 'Edit' button
Andy Fraser at 12:03 on 16 March editing...we can all have a part 2. Perhaps a favourite rather tha a life-affirming....then a worst. Then I'll blog the whole frigging lot
Rio Fraser at 12:07 on 16 March
The L&R album would be fine if it was a diferent band and I never heard it.
I agree Express/ESM is outstanding. I am also fond of" Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven." In fact all the prior works. Hence, why I cried upon hearing this particular release
Rio Fraser at 12:10 on 16 March
Nigel, did you by any chance at all slap Simon Le Bon? Though questioningly, did He even pen that song? I haven't a clue
Rio Fraser at 12:16 on 16 March
Thank You, Reavsey. Many VU fans do not care for Max's due to its posthumous release. However, that also goes under life changing concerts/shows as well which I reckon will inevitably be done as well.
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